was born out of a passion to promote the culture and traditions of Bicol Region's (Philippines) culture and traditions through food.

 Today, Que Rica stands to write the story of the Philippine Pili Nut in the global food scene.

At Que Rica, we celebrate the provenance and rarity of each nut: grown wild in mineral-rich volcanic soils under unique weather conditions. Our premium Pili Nuts are packed at the source, hand-harvested, crafted in small batches, and masterfully-flavored in French copper cookware. 

Each nut shares the story of a community of local farmers, masterful hands, and a nation of fine taste.

At Que Rica, community matters above all.

We devote a huge portion of our time finding ways to give back .
Through efforts such as FLEET OF HOPE where we help raise funds to provide bancas (fishing boats) for fisher folks in Bicol, Philippines, we deliver.