Gifting Pili

Gift giving reveals the level of connection you have with the people most important to you. People are at the core if Que Rica, and we take pride in cultivating and fostering meaningful connections. Because of this we know that thoughtful, delightful gifts highlight the unique relationships you have.
We're here to make selecting and shopping for these gifts easy for you. Whether you just want a convenient, frictionless experience with a personal gift shopper, or you want a Le Cordon Bleu Paris-schooled Chef's personal recommendations to match the gifts with your recipients, we're here for you.
Here's how you can send perfect, thoughtful gifts:
1. Guarantee that your recipients get exactly what they want by letting them choose. Get your own gifting page (like this (link to sample page)), simply send them your link, and they will choose the gift they actually want to get.  
2. Send your meaningful gift to the right address -- without the stress (and awkwardness) of coordination, shipments, and delivery reminders. Just send them your link, and we take care of the rest.
3. Let us help you make gifting unforgettable, through a series of personalized messages to build anticipation, keep up the excitement, and remind them of the delightful relationship they have with you.
4. Send gifts for different celebrations - just tell us which ones! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's? When the time comes, we can change out the personalized messaging you have on your gifting page.


Our Gift Selections:

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