Flordeli by Que Rica: Express and Authentic

Flordeli by Que Rica: Express and Authentic

Flordeli by Que Rica: Express and Authentic

A well-prepped, homespun, wholesome lunch (or dinner) won’t exactly sit well on somebody’s busy schedule that’s filled with meetings, to-do lists, and errands. Besides the puzzle of ‘what to have for lunch’ is the challenge in putting together its ingredients from start to finish. There’s also the question of managing leftovers and food waste (skins, trimmings, scraps).

laing with grilled meat in bowl and tub

On top of our needs for convenience is that of eating well and supporting local cuisine. How else can we champion eating well for our own health (mind, body, and spirit) and the health of our own planet? How else can we contribute to the nurturing of local culinary traditions?

Flordeli by Que Rica is a nod to the call for convenience, eating well and supporting local cuisine. Flordeli by Que Rica is a capsule concept of home-cooked, frozen, ready-to-eat meals that celebrate the diversity of Bicol cuisine. Each menu is a love letter to our customers looking for healthier, more convenient ways to enjoy meals.


Crafted in small batches


After going through a rigorous process of research and development, the meals are crafted in small batches. This ensures the freshness and quality of each product. By having them made in small batches, our team is able to keep a close eye on the quality of the ingredients, preparation techniques, and the final output.


Authentic regional cuisine


They’re made by a team whose roots enable them to highlight Bicolano culinary techniques they’ve learned from elders in the kitchens of their youth. Authenticity plays a huge role for us: acknowledging traditions and provenance that detail the beauty of regional cuisine.

Easy to prepare

Our ready-to-eat dishes are exactly that: simple and ready-to-eat. We’ve eliminated the stages of ingredients preparation and cooking so our customers get to enjoy the best part: eating. Just thaw, reheat in a pan on the stovetop (to preserve quality and nutrients). Another option is to reheat it in a medium setting for about four(4) minutes in a microwave. Each serving is good for two to three (2-3) persons with a steaming plate of brown rice and sides!

An exciting lineup

Flordeli by Que Rica is made up of dishes that are Bicolano classics. We have the celebrated Vegan Laing that’s meat- and shrimp-free. Our use of balitaka--a local variety of dried taro leaves--makes it one of our bestsellers. It’s best enjoyed as a side or as a dip for crackers. It’s perfect for those with a vegan or non-dairy diets.

Sinantolan is made by mincing cotton fruit (santol) and then cooked in coconut milk and shrimp paste. Perfect as a side for grilled fish or meat, this limited-run product (due to the seasonality of its main ingredient, the cotton fruit) makes this one of our bestsellers. Our Tinutungan Chicken (Chicken in Blackened Coconut Cream) makes use of coconut milk extracted from charcoal-toasted coconut meat, giving it that smoky flavor profile. Topped with papaya, lemongrass and aromatics, this dish is best enjoyed with rice. Sinanglay, another dish, is made by stuffing fish (Tilapia that's grown in Lake Buhi in Camarines Sur) with onion, ginger, garlic, camias, tomatoes and lemongrass, wrapping it in pechay leaves, and then poaching in coconut milk.


Other products include our Laing With Grilled Pork and Chicken Bicol Express Longganisa (a version of the laing that features savory meats as toppings), our Bicol Express with Pineapples (
tender pork meat simmered in coconut milk, salted baby shrimps (balao), cubed pineapples and aromatics), and our Vegan Bicol Express (a meat-free take on the classic Bicolano recipe that’s made with unripe jackfruit, coconut milk, and miso sauce).

Get these items and more via Flordeli by Que Rica.


Que Rica is a brand of fine tasting products crafted in Bicol for Filipinos in the world. The brainchild of the Le Cordon Bleu Paris-trained Ched Rica Buenaflor, it takes pride in our culinary traditions while continuing to push the boundaries of what delights the Filipino palate. Local, healthy, and proud will be forever in its DNA. It is owned and managed by Phenomenon Group Inc.


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