They say that a product’s value is multiplied tenfold when it’s handed to somebody you love or care about. What makes it even more meaningful, besides the value it holds, is the immaculate intimacy of gifting as wordless language. Imagine receiving something you like (or end up loving)–is it not an affirmation of such a profound connection between you and the gifter?

At Que Rica, we value relationships the same way we honor the meaningful connections between the planet, the community of growers, local heritage the produce and our customers. For us, gifting needs to go beyond being just a task to something bespoke, thoughtful and personal. A pack of the earth’s finest nut, Pili nut, serves just that.

Why Pili Nuts?

It is a premium produce growing only in the unique weather and geographic conditions of Southern Luzon and parts of Visayas in the Philippines. They are difficult to farm commercially, so they are hand-harvested and prepared. Que Rica takes a step further by selecting only the finest Pili nuts, then expertly preparing them with the finest ingredients to bring out their best flavor. Their inherent buttery, umami flavor is even more refined with distinct ingredients in our copper pots in very small batches.

It is also the healthiest nut–packed with vitamins, minerals, is gluten-free and is keto-friendly–which means that gifting it is truly a thoughtful gesture.

Que Rica Premium Pili Nuts: Unexpected Gifting Bliss

Falling in love with our flavors, our customers know that they can’t just enjoy a pack themselves, they’d need to share it with people they love. Beyond just flavors, they’re favors they’d want to share. This has been the inspiration behind our Premium Gifting Service.

As important as the mineral-rich soil and unique weather conditions are to the Pili tree is the value of time for our customers. Our gifting service should never be as complex as the process from (Pili) tree to pack. In just three steps, a gift so special could be on the way.

First, pick your products: choose from the many options of gift bags( or boxes). Second, fill out with details such as the giftee's name, address and contact details. Personalize it with a note. Lastly, checkout and pay. An email confirmation signals you that the gift is on the way.

We also recommend sending an E-Gift Card their way for when you can’t decide which ones to send your giftee. With the E-Gift Card at hand, they can shop for their favorite flavors! If you’re looking for more creative ways to send a gift, let our Gifting Concierge assist you. We have a dedicated team to craft each gift as special as possible.

While our gifting service is seamless and simple, we adore sophisticated details: handwritten notes, delicately-wrapped goods and silken wrapping materials as exquisite as the products they house.

A gift that is packed at the source, hand-crafted in small batches, expertly prepared and carefully packed goes through the same level of care and attention to detail we have for our tasteful customers. Inside each gift bag or box is a thread that forges our commitment to bring premium experience to our customers, be it as gifters or giftees.

This experience of limitless luxe extends to the different flavors and products we offer. Enjoy the rich aroma of fresh coffee beans and coco sugar with our Pili Nuts with Coffee-Coco Sugar. Love the dark, subtle bitterness of Davao’s fabled chocolates? You’ll like our Pili Nuts with Davao Chocolate. If you’re into the savory flavors, you’d enjoy our Pili Nuts with Philippine Sea Salt and our impeccable, richly-flavored Pili Nuts with Truffle Pecorino. We also have Plain, Unflavored Pili Nuts perfect for days when you feel like baking, prepping salads or smoothies.

Que Rica is owned and managed by Phenomenon Group Inc. Order products via www.querica.ph or through their socials.

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