Metro Manila Has Spoken: Que Rica’s Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino Is The Best

Metro Manila Has Spoken: Que Rica’s Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino Is The Best

Metro Manila Has Spoken: Que Rica’s Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino Is The Best

Start your day with a full, balanced plate of sweet, savory, juicy, and healthy! Eating right is important, but is not always an option for people pressed with time and busy schedules. There's also no denying that sometimes healthy food is associated with being bland or boring. The lack of flavorful and nutritional food along with having a picky eater has become a problem for a lot of parents. With the Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino, it's possible to have breakfast that’s locally made, all-natural without preservatives, and enjoyed by kids!

Que Rica is home to Metro Manila’s latest breakfast cravings, the Pork Laing Longganisa and Pork Bicol Express Longganisa. It’s a gourmet brand of Bicolano food with a twist. It’s a brand that’s passionate about connecting you with Bicol's culinary heritage  through its locally-crafted products.  At the height of the lockdown in 2020, the team began developing new products. with their customers' best interests in mind, they came up with the Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino. This product was specifically crafted to bring healthier, more delicious breakfast options into the market for everyone. Are you curious yet? Here’s a sneak-peak of what people have been saying about Que Rica’s newest ready-to-cook Chicken Tocino!

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Que Rica’s Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino uses tender chicken meat that's free from preservatives. The cure uses the juice from the Philippines' sweetest pineapple variety, the Queen or Formosa, which is grown locally in Camarines Norte. Food Editor and Author Angelo Comsti highly recommends this bestseller from Que Rica with its use of pineapples.


Que Rica's Chicken Tocino uses an all-natural cure with natural food color. Unlike other commercial tocinos in the market, artificial preservatives like Salitre weren't used. The delicious flavors come from amazing local produce and the talents of the Que Rica team.

Kids Absolutely Love It

Kids can't get enough of it! Moist, juicy, and tender chicken, full of savory-sweet flavor from the pineapple cure. Moms have no trouble feeding their kids anymore, especially for breakfast. The Kramers--regular customers of Que Rica--commented that this is their kids’ favorite! Want to make it every day? Check out this helpful video on how to prepare this delicious tocino!



So many have enjoyed Que Rica's Chicken Tocino . Moms love the convenience and chefs enjoy the gourmet quality.

Since 2020, many have sought it for breakfast. Over six thousand packs flew out of their hubs’ freezers in just half a year. The numbers don’t lie: this product is definitely one to watch.You can find more testimonials from customers on Que Rica's Facebook and Instagram. Want to share your feedback? They’d love to hear it here.

The Pineapple-Cured Chicken Tocino is available in two sizes, 350g pack (which you can get as a 3-pack set) and 750g pack. Morning folks can now enjoy it every day of the week! Try it with other favorites like the Laing Longganisa, some scrambled eggs, and fried rice. Get yours through their website or through various stores.


Que Rica is a brand of fine tasting products crafted in Bicol for Filipinos in the world. The brainchild of the Le Cordon Bleu Paris-trained Ched Rica Buenaflor, it takes pride in our culinary traditions while continuing to push the boundaries of what delights the Filipino palate. Local, healthy, and proud will be forever in its DNA. It is owned and managed by Phenomenon Group Inc.


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